Tim McClendon was born a preacher’s kid in Southern California beach town. When Tim was 5, his dad started a Christian Camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. Growing up at summer camp gave him a unique outlook on life and the Christian faith. After high school Tim graduated from college, got married and started a family. His career began as a successful family pastor. Tim’s life seemed fine but needed the touch of humor God had placed in him growing up at a summer camp. God had placed a dream in Tim at an early age. Realizing his childhood dream one day after he had a family of his own, suddenly everything God was calling Tim to do made sense to him. So Tim moved his family across the country to continue pursuing his career only this time adding clean comedy to his arsenal.  Tim has always been funny. In fact the in high school the youth pastor let Tim teach a lesson when he was 14, and it resembled more of a stand-up act than a sermon. Tim’s passion for comedy could not be denied, so he took some training from seasoned stand-up comics. After spending an entire year going to open mic nights and opening for other comics, a booking agency noticed Tim and started to give him regular work in comedy. Since those beginning years, Tim has had the opportunity to headline some of the premiere clubs in the country. He has also worked many corporate and private events. His true calling, however, is the work he does in churches. Encouraging believers and reaching out to those who are looking for the truth is his passion. Get in touch with Tim today to see how he can make your event the best event of the year.